Company Philosophy





With the cooperation and collaboration of our pharmacies and nursing home facilities, we strive to build integrated community care in which an environment is put in place to provide medical care, preventative medical advice, long term nursing care, and rehabilitation, amongst other things. The goal of this approach is to support people and ensure they can live in the manner they are accustomed, while maintaining good health, independence and respect for themselves at every stage of life.



We understand the importance of pharmacies and nursing home facilities as part of the foundation of a healthy and thriving community.

When the people in our community are healthy in mind and body, they can actively participate in society in both work and leisure activities. Further, even if someone has health concerns and needs medical care, it is important to continue to be able to live productive and fulfilling lives. For a community to flourish, the people must be healthy first and foremost. We are committed to supporting and promoting the health and well-being of the community now and in the future.



We aspire to continue to learn, develop and improve ourselves.

The values of the Temari Group are honesty and compassion, respect for others, continued personal and professional development, teamwork, and innovation. These values emphasize the progress and improvement of humanity. By putting these values into practice, we can continue to develop and grow as individuals, build teamwork, and contribute meaningfully to our communities now and in the future.


Our mission is to create a happier and
more peaceful community for all people.

The "Temari Group" consists of five groups: pharmacies, nursing homes, rehabilitative day services, home-visit care, and home-visit nursing. With the continued improvement of preventive medicine and rehabilitation, healthy life expectancy is likely to increase as we head into the future.
In an aging society like Japan, there are more and greater expectations for medical and nursing care services than ever before.
In such a society, the mission of the Temari Group is to create a happier and more peaceful community for all people.
In the end, it is “the people” that work in the day to day caregiving duties. We will continue to strive toward our mission with respect and gratitude for all of our patients.
In order to do so, we must share the "Temari Values" with all our employees and continue to try to improve and build teamwork so as to best benefit the patients who rely on us.
The Temari values are our five shared values; the strengths of the Temari Group. They are the source of the success of the Temari Group now and in the future.


With the continuing development and improvement of preventative medicine and rehabilitation, we are seeing an increase in healthy life expectancy. With this comes an aging society, as well as increased expectations on medical and nursing care services.


To create a happier and more peaceful community for all people.


1Honesty and Compassion

Treating our patients with honesty and compassion builds trust, which in turn builds trust in the Temari Group.

2Respect for People

Medical care and nursing care are built around people. By respecting one another, clear communication will increase, which will lead to recognition of the growing value of individuals and the Temari Group as a whole.

3Study, Practice and Grow Every Day

In order to grow as a person, it is important to make an effort to improve and practice on your own every day. If we grow as human beings, our lives will be enriched and we will be able to contribute more to society.

4Strive to Improve Each Other's Abilities

By thinking about how to improve your coworkers’ ability, you will also improve your own ability and teamwork will inevitably grow.

5The Challenge of Innovation

The fear of failure is the only thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve. Growth, whether personal or as a company, is based on many failures. In order for a person or the company to continue to grow, each employee must always be willing to take chances without fear of failure. This will lead to innovative initiatives and steady growth and improvement for the Temari Group.