Masako Hashimoto (PRESIDENT & CEO)

As we create a future full of smiles, we are aiming for evolution rather than change.

In October 2007, we established Spatel Co., Ltd. with the goal of creating pharmacies that are well-loved by local residents and help to improve society.

In the field of medical care, we have developed the "Temari Pharmacy" and declared our goal to be the kindest pharmacy in Japan. We continue to aim to be a trusted pharmacy that provides safe and appropriate medicine and provide friendly health consultation to patients.

As for long term health care, in December 2011, we established a nursing care and welfare division to promote the creation of integrated community care nursing homes where people can live with peace of mind. We will continue to work with local residents to create communities with the hope that the elderly and people with disabilities will be able to continue to live in the manner which they have become accustomed, maintain respect for themselves, ensure support for independent lifestyles, and hopefully improve the quality of their lives.

In the end, it is "the people" that work in our day to day caregiving services. We, the Temari Group, respect and appreciate our employees who provide heartfelt services to our customers. We will continue to build a network of pharmacies, medical care, nursing homes, rehabilitation services and health education with residents to create community-based care. It is the goal of the Temari Group to provide a support network for people to live long and quality lives. In doing this, we genuinely hope for a happier, healthier, and more peaceful future for all.

Lastly, we would like to thank you for your kind and continued support.

The Temari Group
President/CEO of Spatel Corporation
Masako Hashimoto

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  • PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kanazawa Graduate School of Medicine
  • Part-time lecturer, Faculty of Pharmacy, Hokuriku University
  • Part-time lecturer, Ishikawa Dental College
  • Trained and certified Pharmacist
  • Certified Pharmacist for Practical Training
  • Supplement Advisor
  • Long-term care support specialist


  • Japanese Pharmacists Association
  • The Japanese Society of Home Health Care Medicine
  • Pharmaceutical Society of Japan
  • Japanese Geriatrics Society
  • Japanese Society of Clinical Nutrition
  • Ishikawa Pharmaceutical Association
  • Ishikawa Women Pharmacists Association
  • Kanazawa City Pharmacists Association
  • Ishikawa 921 Home Network
  • Kaga Stroke Coordinating Council
  • Ishikawa Association of Small and Medium Business Owners Ishikawa Employers Association
  • Kanazawa West Rotary Club
  • Kanazawa Chamber of Commerce
  • Kanazawa Corporate Association
  • Kanazawa Ladies Business Council